How To Protect Your Roof From Birds

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No one wants to find birds nesting on their roof in Nashville, TN. A nested bird on your roof is bad news — they can adversely affect the quality of your roof. Birds can introduce different parasites to your home, dirty your rooftop with their droppings, and cause damage to your shingles. They also make a ton of noise. It can be hard to prevent a family of birds from moving in, especially if their nest is tucked behind a hard-to-reach structure on your roof. But there are ways to keep your roof from these uninvited guests.

Make Your Own Pepper Spray

Crush a few chili peppers and leave them in water for a few days to let the peppers ferment. Pour your new pepper solution into a spray bottle. Spritz your pepper spray onto the surface of your roof. Any birds originally interested in your rooftop will turn the other way. Birds already nested on top of your home will likely leave. 

Call Animal Control

If natural remedies aren’t proving to be effective, you can always call an animal control service to come by and pick up your stubborn winged squatter.roof restoration

Illuminate Your Roof

Birds don’t like reflective surfaces that shine light into their eyes. Use objects with shiny surfaces, like aluminum foil or baking dishes and turn them into reflective strips that you can attach to the surface and sides of your roof. The birds will become annoyed enough by all of that glare, and leave to nest somewhere else. If your area is especially prone to unwanted birds, you can hire a roofing contractor to install metal roofing to provide the same effect, but with a better aesthetic. 

Are you in an area in Nashville, TN populated heavily with birds or other roof-squatting critters? Our team at At The Top Restoration can talk with you to discuss long-term roofing solutions like alternative roofing materials. We also specialize in roof repair, roof insulation, and roof waterproofing.