Pros and Cons of Silicone Roof Coating

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Instead of a roof replacement, using a roof sealant like silicone can act as an alternative for the time being. Most products are cheap and can last for as long as you need them to. Silicone roof coating is one of the more durable options.


Silicone roof coating is moisture-cured. This means that any humidity or moisture that comes in contact with it will essentially make it more durable. Silicone can oftentimes be used as a roof coating and a primer, making this a cheaper option.

If you choose a silicone rood coating, they will hold up to any weather better than most other products on the market. This material doesn’t get brittle over time and will not erode either.

The ideal location to use silicone roofing coating is if you need a water-resistant material to coat a pond with. It will hold in any water the pond needs, acting as a sealant.

Silicone Roof CoatingCons:

The cons of using silicone are that other materials have a hard time adhering to it. This makes re-applying this coating down the road unbearable. At that point, you must either remove the silicone roof coating or re-coat the roof with a product that is compatible with silicone.

Silicone should also be used with some other fabric. It will not fully stand up the task without being used with some type of fabric. This is because silicon can tear easier than most other materials.

Roof coating made of silicone can hold dirt, making it less reflective over time. The rain is a silicone cleaner, which will wash away all the dirt and grime, but also lose reflectivity over time. This is why the roof needs to be re-coated often.

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