How To Take Proper Care of Your Chimney

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Maintaining A Chimney

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Few things evoke the feeling of “home” quite like a smoking chimney on a winter day. However, this doesn’t necessarily come for free. You need to take the additional step in order to make sure that it is working as well as possible. Part of this starts just by maintaining the fireplace. Make sure that you keep the ashes in the fireplace from getting deeper than around 2 inches, cleaning them out as needed.  This is an easy fix, but you need to do more work than that. For example, clearing out soot and ashes in your fireplace requires you to create a mixture of soapy water, spraying it on the affected surfaces, and letting it rest for about a half hour before cleaning it off.

On the outside, you can do a few steps in order to take care of your chimney as well. For example, take a look at the chimney cap to see if it’s cracked or not. You can also install a wire screen in the chimney to cut down on the risk of birds and other animals getting inside.

When Do I Need Chimney Care?

However, like any work on the roof, there’s a finite amount of things that you can reasonably do yourself. So, while it’s important to look at your chimney and do some maintenance work, you also need to know when you need a formal repair. For example, if the flashing is starting to crack or has partially disappeared, this isn’t something that you can reasonably do yourself. Rust in your firebox is also a sign of excess moisture in your chimney, which can stem from a leak or other sort of problem. When you hit this point, the next step for your chimney restoration in Nashville is looking for the right professionals.

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