Roof tiles

A Popular Roofing Style

Tile roofing is a popular choice for new homes and roof replacements alike, appreciated for their aesthetic appeal and unique appearance. Tile roofing comes in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors, allowing you the freedom to customize the project to fit your vision exactly. Depending on the type you choose, the weight, durability, and price will vary, but in almost all cases and areas, tile roofing will prove superior to its more traditional counterparts such as asphalt shingles. Longevity, in particular, is an impressive benefit, with most tile roofing styles lasting between 50 and 100 years with regular maintenance.


Clay tiles are one of the most popular kinds of tile, preferred for its beauty, and often noticeably evocative of traditional Spanish architecture. Concrete, on the other hand, lacks the flair of clay, but what it gives up in style points it more than makes up for in toughness and durability. Concrete, specifically, is available in a very large number of choices and design possibilities. Clay tiles do well across a significant assortment of houses and add a touch of pizzazz evocative of Spanish-style architecture. Slate tiles offer an aesthetically compelling selection with even more pronounced longevity.

Other Advantages

Tile roofing is renowned for its ability to disperse water, provide increased ventilation, and comfortably handle all sorts of weather and climates. Resistance to inclement weather is one of the big selling points of tile roofing, and we recommend discussing your options with a qualified roofing expert from At The Top Restoration before choosing a specific material and style. It is important to make a choice that fits your specific location, weather concerns, and overall priorities. A properly installed roof should be able to handle winds up to 150 miles per hour.

Demand for the recognizable look of tile roofing remains strong, as it is one of the most popular styles available.

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Most forms of tile roof are a big upgrade on asphalt shingles in both hardiness and durability.

In many cases, the color of tile roofing is derived from the specific material, such as concrete, clay, or iron oxide. In these cases, there is little danger of the colors fading or degrading as they are a basic component of the material itself. This means your roof will continue looking new for years after installation.

So it is clear that tile roofing offers many noticeable advantages to the home or business owner looking to replace or upgrade his roof. At The Top, Restoration is the gold standard when it comes to roof installation in the Nashville area.

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