Synthetic Shake Shingles

Synthetic Wood Shakes

Natural wood shake shingles are a very popular choice for new roofs and roof replacements right now. They have a classic natural look that fits perfectly with certain styles of home, business, or vacation property. Unfortunately, they also come with some noticeable drawbacks. They cost more than most standard shingle options, for one, and because they are made of actual wood there is a considerable amount of upkeep involved with making them last. Luckily, for those looking for creative ways to stay within a budget or simply aren’t ready for the commitment of real wood shakes, there are synthetic alternatives available. They still look amazing but come with a far lower price tag and a lot fewer worries. Although the two variations are almost indistinguishable from one another, there are some significant differences.

Benefits of Synthetic Wood Shakes


While wood shakes are still relatively hardy and resilient, they can’t compare with the longevity and toughness of synthetic. Synthetic shakes have a much higher immunity to severe weather such as high winds and driving rain and, unlike their natural counterparts, are not at risk from mold, mildew or termites.


Having a wood shingle roof and keeping it in top shape requires a significant commitment to upkeep. They need to be inspected regularly to guard against water damage, rot, and other signs of deterioration. Every few months they need to be thoroughly washed to limit the growth of moss and algae. Synthetic shakes, meanwhile, only need the usual annual inspection, a welcome benefit considering most people’s busy lives.


Natural wooden shakes are somewhat more complex to install than typical roofing options. Wood expands when it gets wet, something that needs to be precisely accounted for during installation. Plus, there is a real art to installing them properly to provide both the most effective protection for your home and the authentically organic look you are going for. Synthetic shakes, however, are much simpler to install and more difficult to damage.

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