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Spanish Roof Tiles Expert Installers

There are few roofing options as unique and desirable as Spanish tile. It is actually a very broad term that is used to describe a wide variety of tile options with a specifically Spanish, Mexican, or Mediterranean appearance. And, even though most people have a certain shape and color in mind when they think of Spanish tile, there are actually a number of variations. Providing designers and architects with a timeless touch of history, these attractive tiles specifically appeal to those who enjoy the specific beauty of Spanish architecture and appreciate the look and performance of these immediately recognizable tiles. The decorative benefits and exotic ambiance make Spanish tile an excellent choice.

As with many premium roofing options, the installation of Spanish tile requires specialized training and experience to properly install them to maximize their efficiency and longevity. Our team of specialized contractors at At The Top Restoration have the experience and expertise required to expertly install Spanish tile on your home or business.

Benefits of Spanish Tiles

The main reason most people opt for Spanish tile is its appearance. With a handsome and fashionable look that can increase the beauty of your home and even add resale value, these exclusive tiles are particularly appreciated by designers.

However, Spanish tile also provides a number of other benefits that should not be overlooked.


With a lifespan of up to 70 years, the toughness and durability of Spanish tiles are often underrated. Part of the manufacturing process includes being fired at tremendously high temperatures, which allows them to comfortably withstand all manner of elements and outlast most other parts of your home.

Fire Resistance

Due both to the way they are constructed and the intrinsic qualities of their material, Spanish tile is highly immune to fire, helping to protect your home from flying embers or stray fireworks. Not only does this mean your roof will be safer and more durable, but in some cases, your insurance rates may even be reduced.

Spanish Tile Roofing

One of the keys to any Spanish tile roof is to be correctly installed. That is where the qualified specialists at At The Top Restoration come in, as they have been installing Spanish tile roofing flawlessly for years and should be your first choice for any roofing project in the Nashville area. Even if you haven’t yet decided which type of roof you want, call us at 615-824-1500 to discuss all your different options. We can provide advice, offer pros and cons, and explain the cost variations for both materials and installation. Give us a call today!