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A Rustic, Natural Look Roofing Option

Are you tired of always going along with the crowd when choosing options for your home? In this day and age of variety and alternatives, there is no reason you have to blindly stick with the standard, everyday choices. Most people do not realize how many different roofing options are available these days, so if you are considering a new roof for your house, garage, office, or vacation property it makes sense to take the time to learn about all the different choices out there. One of the more unique and interesting variations of roofing material is slate. It costs more than most other shingle choices but provides unparalleled advantages and is among the most aesthetically pleasing with it rustic, natural look that many people find attractive. Among the other advantages:

Environmentally Friendly

As a natural rock substance, slate tiles do no damage to the environment upon either installation or disposal and they avoid any of the harmful by-products involved with manufacturing some of the other types of shingles.

Fire Resistant

These stone tiles are essentially fireproof. There’s comfort in knowing your roof is so well protected, especially if you have any concerns about wildfires, fireworks, or even just embers from neighboring fire pits.

Long Lasting

Similar to metal roofing, slate tiles typically last around half a century or longer if properly maintained and cared for. They are very good at handling inclement weather such as high winds and rain.
However, besides the additional cost, there are some downsides to slate tile that potential buyers should be aware of in advance.


Obviously, being stone, these tiles are extremely heavy. Which, of course, is all the more reason to entrust your slate tile roof installation to the experienced contractors of At The Top Restoration.


While they handle the weather well and last a very long time without suffering any significant degradation, they can be susceptible to rough treatment. They can suffer damage from being dropped, for example, or walked on if you or someone else needs to be up on the roof.

Difficult to Install

This is really a combination of previous factors. Considering their weight, awkwardness, and how carefully they have to be handled, the slate is one of the trickier roof installations out there. There is also a very distinct science to properly installing slate tile, with very poor results if done incorrectly.

Traditional slate roof in Norway

All the more reason to call the Nashville slate tile experts at At The Top Restoration to take advantage of a free consultation. Whether you simply want to talk to somebody about your options or want to get right to it and book an installation, get in touch with us a 615-824-1500 today!