Why Choose Impact Resistant Shingles?

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to building a new home or upgrading their current one. For some, it’s about matching a certain look. Others are more concerned with price. Still, others have a particular material in mind. For people that live in areas at high risk for extreme weather patterns, it is often all about function and toughness. The high winds, heavy rain, destructive hail and harmful sleet we can deal be subjected to on an annual basis are some of the biggest problems for people who live and work in storm belts. If tornado winds, hail storms, and winter sleet are a realistic concern where you live, it might pay to look into impact resistant shingles for your home or office. During a bad storm, your roof can sustain heavy damage in just minutes or even seconds. Traditional asphalt shingles may be economical and traditional, but they rarely hold up well in severe conditions.

Features of Impact Resistant Shingles

Modern impact resistant shingles are specifically designed to handle strong winds, large hail, and heavy debris without having their shape or appearance compromised. Under difficult circumstances, traditional asphalt not only suffers outward damage but often sustains structural damage to the underlying fiberglass matting as well. Impact resistant shingles, on the other hand, are manufactured with additional reinforcement precisely to deal with these types of adverse conditions and keep overall damage to a minimum.

Impact resistant shingles are considered a Class 4 shingle, the highest rating for hail resistance, and are made with a specially modified formula that results in a more rubbery and flexible material. The additional give and increased strength serve to both withstand greater impact and make them almost impervious to weather damage.

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Hail Damage on Your Roof

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