synthetic roofing

Premium Roofing Options

Gone are the days when every home, every garage, and every outbuilding all had the exact same asphalt roof. No, the roofing industry has come a long way, with an extensive list of premium options. From material to style to color, there are dozens of choices to allow you to customize your home or office exactly the way you’d like.

Types of Premium Roofs

For those looking for something with a little different look, or a style that more accurately matches the building itself, it makes sense to consider some of today’s premium roofing choices. The following are just a sample of the many different types to choose from:

Slate Tile

These high-quality rock tiles provide all the same great advantages as other premium options along with a rustic, original look that many people prefer. As a natural product, it is also environmentally friendly.

Impact Resistant Shingles

These tough shingles are specifically manufactured to withstand intense punishment while sustaining minimal damage. They are a great choice in areas with a high risk of hail, sleet, and other natural threats.

Tile Roofing

These popular tiles provide a classic look and are available in a variety of different materials. Whether they are needed to match a current home or part of a visual overhaul, tile roofing is one of the more popular options.

Architectural Shingles

Although still constructed of asphalt, they are typically laminated for additional strength, making them more resistant to weather and giving them a slightly different look.

Roof Repairs

Cedar Shakes

These wooden shingles are cut from top-quality cedar and left rough to create a very unique and desirable visual effect.


The growth of synthetic roofing options has immensely broadened the spectrum of roof styles to choose from. They can be made to resemble most other roofing materials, sometimes serving as a more durable and cost-effective option.

When considering replacing your current roof or building new with a premium roof alternative, your decision should be driven by your priorities. Are you mostly concerned with the greatest durability and low maintenance? Or is there a very specific look you want? Or a material you prefer?

Choosing a new roof for your home or office is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Call us today at 615-824-1500, and get started on the new roof of your dreams!