Pitched Roofing vs. Flat Roofing

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A good roof is an essential feature of any building, whether it’s commercial or residential. Roofs protect us from the elements, and they are also important structural components. Are you unsure of what type of roof you should install for your home or commercial building? If so, you should take a look at the pros and cons of both pitched roofing and flat roofing.

Pitched Roofing

As the name suggests, pitched roofs feature pitches or slopes. There are many styles of pitched roofing. A popular method of pitched roofing is called gable roofing. Gable structured roofs have two sides that meet together at an angle. Many traditional homes have gable roofs. Other pitched roofing styles include cross gable roofing and hip roofing. Pitched roofing styles like these are most often used for residential homes, but every so often, they are used for commercial or industrial spaces. 

Generally, well-maintained pitched roofs last two or more decades without any serious problems. Pitched roofs can be more difficult for roofing contractors to maintain because of their steep angles. This makes installation more costly.

Flat roofingFlat Roofing

These roofs have no pitch. However, some flat roofs are built with gentle inclines to encourage the running off of rainwater or snow. Flat roofing also requires maintenance. However, these roofs are easier to maintain because a roof repair team can stand on them without too much fear of falling off. Flat roofs do not work as well as pitched roofs to clear themselves of snow, rainwater, and other debris. This means that they require more regular maintenance.

Flat roofing is usually less costly been pitched roofing. However, the money you save during installation will likely be spent on more maintenance appointments in comparison to the maintenance schedule of a pitched roof.

If you’re unsure what kind of roof is best for your property in Clarksville TN, you’ll want to call trustworthy roofing contractors you can trust. A professional roofer will give you professional input, and to help build and maintain your roof. The roofing experts at At The Top Restoration can give you expert advice, and provide services like roof repair, and roof coating. Talk to a representative today for more information.