Can a New Roof Leak?

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The majority of people assume that roof leaks are common with old roofs that are outdated and need replacing. But what about when you’ve recently moved into a newly renovated home or gotten a roof replacement done – is your roof still at risk of leaking? 

Common Causes of New Roof Leaks

The truth is that while older roofs are typically more susceptible to leaks, new roofs are also definitely under the risk. Some of the most common causes of a new roof leak are:

Improper Roof Installation

Even the newest roofs can cause issues when they’re not properly installed. This is why it’s a good idea to get your roof installations done by professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to implement roof waterproofing properly.

Severe Weather 

Severe weather conditions like strong winds and heavy storms can take an impact on even the strongest of roofs. Hail and heavy rain are common culprits of roof leaks, where a lot of fluid accumulates on the roof and causes it to leak into the home, requiring roof repair and home repair.

Clogged Gutters

Even if you’ve recently gotten a roof replacement, when your roof gutters are clogged they are not very effective at preventing water from going on the roof and can lead to leaking. If you notice your gutters are clogged, it’s important to clean them and fix the issue before it causes problems.

rain gutter


A lot of people consider animals like birds and squirrels to be cute really until they do damage to their roofs. These small animals can cause holes in the roof, which can grow to become bigger and more severe as time goes on. With holes in your roof water is likely to get into your home and start leaking.


Flashing is a thin material that professionals commonly add to home roofs for strong roof waterproofing. It’s an additional layer that’s added to prevent water and moisture from finding their way into a home. When the flashing is damaged, that extra protective layer is no longer working at its best and can fail to prevent leaks from happening. 

Call a Professional

While old age is a common culprit of roof waterproofing leaks, it’s certainly not the only one. A newer roof can undergo leaking when the conditions are there to create the possibility. If your new roof in Fairview, TN, is showing any signs of leaking, call a roofing expert at At The Top Restoration for high-quality roof repairs and inspections.