Do You Need Low-E Windows?

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What Is A Low-E Window?

Energy efficiency is more than just a buzzword, it’s something every homeowner should try to strive for.  On top of the positive environmental impact, you’re also helping your personal bottom line by saving money on utility bills. A Low-E window is a valuable tool to help keep those energy costs down, but not everyone knows about them yet.

Low-E windows are also called low-emissivity windows. These are typical windowpanes covered in a microscopic layer of metallic oxides. This covering allows you to let in as much natural light as you want, while cutting down on the UV rays that enter your home. Not only does this help with energy efficiency, but it minimizes some of the issues with UV rays, like damage to your skin, furniture, and other items that are sensitive to light.

How exactly does it help with your energy? These same coatings also help keep heat out during the summer, while trapping it inward during the winter. Originally, these were designed for people in cold climates, but new innovations mean everyone can reap the benefits.

Choosing Your Windows

insulation systemWhen you are choosing your Low-E windows, you have two main options to choose from, hard coat and soft coat windows. A hard coat window is generally the more durable of the two, and is also easier to handle if you find yourself wanting to do any DIY work on them at some point. On top of this, they also are the more common option for single-pane windows. The drawback here is that they do have a higher amount of solar gain, and can get a slight haze over time.

On the other hand, soft coat Low-E windows are only applicable in double-pane units. These nearly-invisible coatings provide both more visible light and better u-value than their hard-coated counterparts. Just understand that no matter what option you choose, you’re getting more energy efficiency than clear glass.

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