Metal or Shingles For Your Roof?

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A common question that is often asked by homeowners is whether or not they should invest in a metal roof or if asphalt shingles near Clarksville and Nashville TN is the correct route to take. The answer generally lies in one’s roofing affordability and the area which they live, but thorough research on the full scope of one’s roofing needs should be taken.

When to Go with Metal

A standing seam metal roof is certainly the more expensive option over shingles, but their financial cost is made up by their low maintenance and durability. Therefore, if living in an area that is prone to heavy winds, torrential rains, and pretty well any other form of natural disaster, it may be wise to invest in this type of roofing.

This is why a metal roof is often used in commercial settings where protection to the roof is a top priority and design and aesthetics are but an afterthought. A standing seam is also able to better reflect the sun’s rays than their asphalt counterparts and in areas of hot climate, this may be the preferred roofing solution.

When to Go with Asphalt Shingles

asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles in Clarksville and Nashville, TN are definitely the main go-to for most residential buildings and this is because of their affordable cost and their luxurious design.

Whereas aesthetics may not be important for those looking for a roof on their commercial building, beauty and design will certainly play a role in one’s residential house choice as this will be the place they will be living on a daily basis and one will spend an awfully large amount of time looking at their house and a homeowner certainly won’t want it to be an eyesore.

Although affordable, Asphalt shingles may incur more repairs and their longevity is not the equivalent of a metal roof and it is necessary to take this into consideration before making a decision. Consult with a reputable roofing company near Clarksville or Nashville and have a roof inspection if you need help deciding.


Let At The Top Restoration Handle Your Roofing Needs

Regardless of the decision that fits your needs, At The Top Restoration is here to help. Let us take care of your metal roof or asphalt shingles installation and contact us today.