Metal Shingles Vs. Corrugated Metal Roofs

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Many business owners see the benefits of metal roofing. It has an extremely long lifespan and is quite strong in comparison to other roofing materials. However, there are multiple metal roofing options to choose from. Two of the most common are corrugated metal roofs and metal shingle roofs. Both corrugated metal and metal shingle roofs have their own positives and negatives. Any business owner should consider all of the aspects of both options before making a final decision.

Metal Shingle Roofs

Metal shingles are a fantastic choice for commercial roofs. They offer a great aesthetic appeal that many feel corrugated metal roofs lack. Depending on the material, metal shingle roofs can last anywhere between 60 and 100 years. They are also fire resistant and can withstand heavy winds of up to 150 mph. The only real downside to metal shingle roofs is that they are quite expensive. However, if you value the exterior of your business, metal shingle roofs are worth every cent.

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Corrugated Metal Roofs

Corrugated metal roofs are also a great choice for commercial buildings. They offer a similar amount of strength, lifespan, and other benefits like metal shingle roofs. A well maintained corrugated metal roof can last over 60 years. Corrugated metal roofs are also a fraction of the price, making it cheap to cover a large area. The only downside to corrugated metal is that it doesn’t have the same visual appeal that metal shingles have. However, other than that, there are very few negative aspects to corrugated metal roofs.

Regardless of the style, a metal roof is a great choice for a commercial building. They offer a number of great benefits that other materials simply cannot provide. However, there are pros and cons that business owners should know about metal shingles and corrugated metal roofs. Having this knowledge will help them choose the perfect roof for their commercial building.

For more information about whether you should purchase a metal shingle roof or a corrugated metal roof for your commercial building, feel free to contact At The Top Restoration.