Do Metal Roofs Cause Noise Trouble?

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Metal Roofs And Noise

For homeowners who are debating on a new roofing material for their home, in some cases, it’s myths that put one option over the other, rather than actualities. One of the key examples of this is the notion that metal roofing is extremely noisy. Many people opt to pass over metal roofing in order to avoid the constant patter of rain on metal. But, is metal roofing in Nashville really a potential noise nuisance? As it turns out, it depends.

This myth comes out of a little bit of truth, as the older metal roofs commonly used on barns and other installations indeed made a lot of noise, as there was nothing below the metal panels besides the buildings themselves. However, this is no longer the case with modern metal roofs. The majority of houses have a layer of plywood or AFB wood beneath the roof, and this muffles a lot of the noise that you would hear with a metal roof in the rain.

Other Benefits of Metal Roofs

Roofing NashvilleWith one of the major cons of metal roofing dispelled, it’s important to talk about some of the pros that still hold true. For example, your average asphalt roof lasts roughly 20 years, with a little bit of give and take for things like excess wear and tear. By comparison, your average metal roof can last as long as 40-70 years. They do cost slightly more overall, but if you have permanent plans for a home, metal roofing will save you more money in the end. Other notable benefits of a metal roof included durability as well as energy efficiency. Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, cutting down on your cooling costs. These benefits, combined,  can be especially useful for commercial roofing, where aesthetics aren’t necessarily as big a concern as functionality.

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