A Premium Metal Roofing Option

Steel roofing is a great option for your home or business, and one that is rapidly increasing in popularity. Even though it normally costs more than standard roofing materials, people looking to take the long-term view usually choose metal for their roof replacement or building project. Its greatest advantage is longevity, as most types of metal roofing will not need to be replaced for 50 years or longer. It takes a much longer time for the quality and appearance to degrade as well, making it a choice that you can be happy with for decades to come.

While many people love the modern appearance of steel roofing, there are still those who find themselves torn because they prefer the traditional appearance of asphalt shingles or one of the other more familiar roofing looks. In those cases, a great option is stone coated steel roofing. It offers the same longevity and low maintenance of all metal roofing, with the classic look of tiles or shingles. A stone coated steel roof is comprised of multiple lightweight metal panels surfaced with a layer of stone chips to give it the appearance of a more conventional material. Available in a variety of colors and specific styles, stone coated roofing is a perfect fit for a wide variety of housing styles.

The Added Value of a Stone Coated Metal Roof

There are numerous other benefits of steel roofing, as well. It tends to be far more energy efficient than traditional materials, making it easier to control the temperature in your home or office in both the heat of summer and the cold of winter. This will also lead to a welcome decrease in your overall energy costs. Another way you can save money by installing a metal roof is through insurance costs, as many insurance companies offer reduced rates for buildings featuring these safe, durable options. With a metal roof, ice, hail, or fire damage is extremely rare. Therefore, while the immediate cost of installing a stone coated steel roof may be greater than standard materials, this may quite easily even out against the long-term cost savings and enjoyment of an aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance roof.

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