Metal Roofing – Metal Shingles

A Resilient, Long-lasting and Energy-saving Roofing Option

If you like the idea of the resilience, longevity and energy-saving benefits of a metal roof, but the “industrial” or “barn-like” look of traditional corrugated metal roofing isn’t something you think will look appealing on your commercial or residential property, you can consider architectural metal shingles.

With metal shingles, you can select the look you want just as you would with regular singles, from color to the shingle “design,” including slate, cedar, and tile. Most metal shingles are made from galvanized steel and/or aluminum, but copper or zinc metal shingles can be found as well.

Advantages of Metal Shingles

Metal shingles, when installed and maintained properly, can last up to 60 years or even longer, with copper or zinc metal shingles lasting up to 100 years or more. Obviously, this brings peace of mind instead of worry about when a roof replacement will become a necessity, as happens in a much shorter time period with a traditional asphalt shingle roof.

Metal shingles are environmentally friendly, being both recyclable and made from mostly recycled materials. Metal shingles are also fire resistant and able to withstand strong winds, often up to 150 mph. Because metal shingles don’t allow the heat from the sun to travel into the building beneath, energy efficiency is increased, so energy bills are decreased, and metal shingles are less likely to be damaged by hail or debris during a storm.

Close up of metal roof tile

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