Stainless steel exhaust fan on factory roof

A Durable and Heat-Resistant Roofing Option

Metal roofing is durable and heat-resistant, making it an excellent choice for commercial and industrial buildings, but it is also a great choice for these buildings that have flat or low-slope roof lines, because metal roofing is available for specific roof slopes, building shapes and weather requirements.

Industrial, Commercial or Agricultural Building Roofs

At The Top Restoration’s team of roofing specialists are able to determine the perfect type of metal roofing options for any industrial, commercial or agricultural building, once they have been able to assess the building design and shape, the load requirements and weather conditions in the area. A variety of gauges, coatings, and materials are available so you can get the perfect look as well as the perfect protection from a metal roof on your commercial or industrial property.

You’ll also have peace of mind when you choose a metal roof. They are durable in harsh weather conditions, can take a beating without being damaged to the point of requiring repair, and they reduce the amount of heat that gets into the building below, thus decreasing your energy bills. Plus, commercial metal roofing systems can last up to twice as long as other roofing material – up to 60 years.

Aluminum sheet roof background

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