3 Materials That Can Be Used To Make Carports

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When it comes to storing and protecting vehicles, there are few options that are better than a carport. These structures can be either free-standing or attached to the home. However, before making or hiring a professional service to make your new carport, it is important to pick a material. Carports can be made out of a variety of materials including wood, concrete and metal. These three materials all come with their own positive and negative aspects It is important to know these aspects for building a carport. This will ensure that it meets the needs and standards of the homeowner.


When building a carport, many homeowners will choose wood. This is due to the fact that wood is affordable, lightweight and can be customized in a number of different ways. The only downside to wooden carports is that they don’t have as long of a lifespan as metal or concrete carports. This is due to the fact that they are prone to rotting, burning and animals.



Concrete carports are extremely resilient structures that can protect a vehicle from the elements. This style of carport is extremely strong and aesthetically appealing. It is also worth noting that concrete carports can last for multiple decades if maintained properly and consistently.

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Many homeowners will just use concrete for the flooring on the carport, however, it can be used in the walls and other parts of the structure as well. The only negative aspect to concrete is that it is more expensive than some of the other material options.



Metal is one of the most common choices for freestanding carports. Metal is extremely malleable is treated properly, making it great for custom jobs. The homeowner can use a number of different types of metal, including tin, steel and aluminum. Although they don’t last as long as concrete carports, metal carports still offer homeowners a generous lifespan.

For more information about the different materials that can be used to make carports, feel free to contact the restoration experts at At The Top Roofing.