Main Causes of Shingle Damage

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The roof of your home is a vital component. It’s what keeps the elements out and you and your family safe. Since it is in a spot where it’s hard to see, you may not realize that there has been some damage done to the roof.

Over time, your shingles will begin to deteriorate. Nothing was meant to last forever, and there are many different elements that impact this part of your home. Below are some of the main causes of shingle damage and deterioration that may require roof repair or replacement in Tennessee.


The number one enemy to your roof is moisture. It can cause damage to the structure, including rot, as well as the growth of mold and mildew. If water is allowed to leak into your home, it can also damage the insulation. Rain is often the most common water source that damages your roof, and if your gutters aren’t working properly or there are holes, this will allow water to leak into your home.


Everyday, your roof is exposed to the sun. It’s shines it’s rays onto the surface and heats them up. This can cause your shingles to dry out, crack, and warp, making them less effective at keeping your home protected.

roof damageWind

The wind does a really good job of lifting up shingles and tearing them off your home and damaging them so they don’t protect your house like they are supposed to. The wind can also carry debris, including dirt, tree branches, and leaves that can cause damage to your shingles. Depending on the size and type of debris, this can shred or puncture the shingles and make them less effective.


When exposed to lots of water, moss and algae can grow on the top of your roof. It not only causes discoloration, but moss can also trap water on the surface, making it more susceptible to leaking into your home. Lichen can be acidic and damage shingles.

Keeping your home protected means having shingles that aren’t damaged. Calling At the Top Restoration to do an inspection and fix any issues can be incredibly beneficial.