Leaks vs. Condensation: What Is It?

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The sight of a water stain on your ceiling is something that will alarm any homeowner, and with good reason. Roof leaks only get worse with time and can lead to heavy expenses related to mitigating water damage as well as general roof replacement in Nashville. Every now and then, though, you may get a bit of a reprieve in the form of the stain just being a form of condensation. It’s important to tell the difference to save you a potentially costly roof inspection when you don’t need it.

Telling The Difference

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Remember, condensation starts when moisture in the air makes contact with cold surfaces. If you see water starting to form up around a window, for example, this is because it doesn’t have insulation or proper insulation. The cold air comes through the glass and makes that contact. As a result, think about the area that the condensation is taking place in. If it’s a commonly moist area, you may be okay, like in the bathroom or kitchen. Condensation can also happen around windows, skylights, and light fixtures. Make sure your attic and any pipes in the attic are properly insulated to minimize condensation.

For leaks, if possible, try to do an inspection from the ground to see if there is any visible damage to your roof, like missing shingles or damaged roofing. This could be a good sign of where your leak is coming from. Don’t go on the roof yourself, as this can be dangerous. In some cases, on a sunny day, you can also go into the attic and see if any sunlight is peeking through.

What Should I Do?

In general, the thing you should be concerned about with condensation is finding ways to cut down on moisture in your home. When a leak does pop up, you need to act quickly and get a repair done. This means partnering with experts like At The Top Restoration. In terms of roof repair and restoration in the Nashville area, we offer top quality materials and craftsmanship to help provide the best service possible. Feel free to reach out to us today if you have any questions.