Things to Know about Window Replacement

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Your windows do a lot for your home. From letting in sunshine to fresh air to contributing to the beauty of the dwelling, it’s important to have functional and aesthetically pleasing windows. Knowing if you should repair or replace your windows can be confusing. Below are some things to consider when thinking about your windows.

Are they leaking?

If your windows are leaking, this can have a huge impact on your utility bills. It can make it difficult to keep your house warm or cool, making your HVAC system work harder than it needs to. Determining if they need to be repaired or replaced will depend on what is causing the leak. If the glass is cracked, they probably need to be replaced. If it’s the frame, it may just need to be resealed.

house restorationAre they noisy?

In addition to letting in light and air, windows will also let in sound. This can be beneficial if the sounds are pleasant (birds chirping, a gently breeze blowing), but it can be frustrating if the sounds aren’t pleasant (traffic, loud music, kids screaming). It may be possible to make windows soundproof by adding some insulation and noise-reducing curtains. Or you may have to get soundproof windows to keep the noise outside.

Are they coated?

New advancements in window technology has created a coating that can be added to windows that makes them more efficient at heating and cooling your home. This coating can also reduce the amount of UV rays that get inside, which will reduce fade on furniture and carpeting. It may be possible to add this coating to windows that are already in your home, or you may want to get new windows that already have it incorporated—it will depend on which option is available and more cost effective.

Knowing whether or not to repair or replace your windows isn’t easy. One of the biggest factors in deciding might be how it fits into your budget.

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