How To Work With Your Insurance Provider On Roof Repair

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Getting Your Repair Coverage

In some situations, like after a heavy storm, you find yourself with roof damage that you can’t ignore. Many people either have a separate fund for this purpose if they live in an area where it’s likely, or just have to suck it up and absorb the hit to their budget. But what about getting your insurance to pay for your roof repair in Tennessee? It can be done, but you need to make sure that you stack the deck in your favor first.

Stacking The Deck

Roof RepairThe first thing you should do is get a proper look at the scope of your current insurance policy, well before you need anything done to your roof. A simple call to your provider will do. The reason for this is that every different insurance company has its own approach to handling claims. For example, some will pay extra attention to the age of your roof when processing a claim. If you want your insurance to cover it, but they see that your roof is past its normal lifespan, they may argue that it’s a maintenance issue rather than their problem, and deny your claim. Something else that you should look at is the fact that some disasters aren’t covered under your traditional homeowner’s policy, like earthquakes or floods. If you live in an area where these are likely, it’s worth it to pay for the extra coverage.

Something that’s equally important when getting ready to process a claim is trying to gather as much evidence as possible to prove that the damage is covered under your policy. For example, try to capture images showing off the damage as a result of a storm, rather than poor maintenance. You also want to hold records of past roof work done for the same reason.

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