Positive and Negative Aspects of Installing Wooden and Concrete Porches

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A porch can be a great addition to any home; they are a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy the little things in life. A porch is the perfect place to enjoy a cold drink on a hot Kentucky day. Anyone who is considering building a porch has a number of options, however, many homeowners will often go with either wood or concrete. Both of these materials have own own positive and negative aspects. It is crucial for a homeowner to know these aspects before committing to a material. This will ensure that the homeowner receives a quality product that they will enjoy for years to come.

Wood Porches

There are quite a few positive aspects to wooden porches. They are much more affordable and are relatively easy to build. Tearing down and replacing a wooden porch is comparably easier than the concrete porch process. Finally, wooden porches have a nostalgic feel that can give a house character.

However, despite all of these positive aspects, there are a handful of negative aspects as well. Wooden porches do not have quite as long of a lifespan; they are also prone to rotting and burning. In comparison to concrete porches, wooden porches also require more maintenance. This is due to the fact that boards or other aspects of the porch can become loose or in need of replacement.

Concrete Porches

Concrete porches may be a little more expensive, but they are worth every penny. Not only do concrete porches have a longer lifespan than wooden porches, but they also require much less maintenance. The homeowner can simply wash or sweep the porch when it becomes dirty.

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The only real downside to concrete porches is that if they become damaged, replacing them can be expensive and tricky. Factors like cracks and chips can also grow into full-on problems if not dealt with in an efficient manner.

For more information about the pros and cons of wooden and concrete porches, be sure to contact the restoration experts at At The Top Restoration.