How Often Should You Inspect Your Roof?

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Many factors will affect how often you should inspect your roof. If you’re a resident of Hendersonville TN, you should take the time to climb up and take a look at what’s going on up there at least two times annually. Of course, heading up to the top of your house on a steep ladder isn’t for everyone — for safety reasons, it’s also not highly recommended. You’re better off calling a team of roof repair professionals to head up there for you. Roofing contractors have the experience and the know-how to conduct a detailed inspection of your roof. But how often should you schedule appointments for inspections? 

Your RoofWood Shingles

The components of your roof play a significant role in the recommended frequency of its inspection. Most roofs don shingles made of either wood or asphalt. Shingles made from these materials may require more frequent upkeep. On the other hand, roofing materials like metal or ceramic can last longer, so you won’t have to inspect them as often. 

Locational Conditions

Your geographical location can play a significant role in the frequency of your roof maintenance scheduling. If you live in an area prone to severe seasonal conditions like high winds, rain or snow, you may see quicker wear and tear on your rooftop. 

When to Inspect

You should schedule a roof inspection after the most severe season in your climate. Typically, homeowners book inspections after their roofs have been subjected to harsh winters. In Hendersonville TN, you’ll likely want to inspect your roof right after winter. Though it doesn’t snow often in Tennessee, the change in climate can still be damaging to your roof’s shingles.

There’s no denying it, timely roof inspections will add to your roof’s lifespan. Regular maintenance appointments can help to catch leaks that, if unchecked, could cause severe damage to the rest of your property. Book a roof inspection with At The Top Restoration today. At The Top Restoration also provides roof coating services, as well as roof insulation and repair.