How to Identify the Source of a Roof Leak

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If you’ve recently noticed signs that cause you to suspect a roof leakage, it’s important to know that this is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed immediately. The longer you wait to fix the leak, the more amount of time there is for water to cause all kinds of damage to your home, affecting the roof coating and structure, your wall interiors, and causing mold to grow. In turn, waiting to fix the leak will cause more damage to your home and cost you a lot more in the long run.

Identifying the Source

But even when you suspect a leak, it can be hard to identify the source of it. So how should you go about finding it?

Roof inspection

Check Out the Attic

To identify the source, you can start by heading up into your attic and shining a flashlight on the ceiling. Check for any wet spots that can be traced up onto the roof and located at the source. Bring a measuring tape that enables you to measure the spot’s exact location in the attic. 

It’s recommended to check the attic following rainfall, where water is likely to drip into your home through leaks. This is because when the weather’s dry and clear of rain, it can be hard to identify where the leak might be when there’s no water that’s currently leaking through. If you do go up on a dry day, check for other signs like discoloration spots in the ceiling or water stains. 

Head Up Onto the Roof

When it’s dry and safe to do so, grab a ladder and safely climb up onto the roof. Use the measuring tape to measure the same distance to the spot(s) you noticed in the attic, measuring from your reference points. Once you get them, inspect the surface for any holes or signs of leaks in certain areas. 

Identifying the source of roof leakage is a high pressure, time-sensitive matter. You’ve only got a certain amount of time to identify the source of the leak and fix it before your home starts to suffer from heavy water damage. 

If you suspect a leak in your home in Hendersonville, TN, and are struggling to locate the source, contact the roofing contractors at At The Top Restoration at (615)-454-9978 or through the website to target the problem as it arises and fix the roof waterproofing issue before it gets worse.