How Much Does a Carport Cost?

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It takes time to create a budget for any project. A carport is no exception. Carports have become an alternative to garages, as they’re a cheaper alternative that takes less time to build.


There are questions you need to ask yourself when deciding on which carport design to choose from. How many vehicles does it need to hold? Where is the carport going to be located? How much space do you need? What material should it be made of? What type of roof waterproofing needs to be applied?

All of these are valid questions that need to be answered moving forward in the decision-making process.


Depending on the area you live, carports may have set regulations that need to be followed. These can include, the distance away from other structures, the appearance, and the size. Often times, you need a building permit or council permit in order to proceed with the construction. Most home and roofing contractors will know of these limitations.

Cost of CarportsThe Cost

Getting a home and roofing contractor to build your carport is probably the best option you have. This can add to the overall price of the project, but it will be worth it to get a great quality carport.

Most single-car carports made from steel are usually $1500 or lower in price. A two-car carport will cost around $2000. Lastly, an extra-wide steel carport will cost you from anywhere between $3000 to $4000. These larger carports are best used for trailers or boats.

The pricing will vary depending on the material of the carport as well. A single-car carport that’s on the trendier side will cost around $3000, whereas a two-car carport could cost up to $5000. Keep these prices in mind when deciding what you want your carport to look like.

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