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Serving families, and businesses when they need it the most

Whether you are a large corporation in need to have your facility’s roof inspected or repaired or you are the owner of a family home that is in need to have its roof restored; At The Top Restoration is to assist you.  Our many years of expertise can attest to the quality of our work throughout our community and beyond.  We’ve helped many clients with their restoration needs, roof replacements, leaks, gutter installations, and simple roofline repairs.

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Our expert technicians have had the training and the years of experience to be able to deliver the best job in the market making us the best at what we do. Rain and wind are relentless and when your exterior protection has been compromised or even damaged, we are here to help.  In this kind of situation, every second count.  Don’t let water damaged walls, foundation, a cracked roof structure invite mold or bacteria to invade your precious home putting at risk your loved ones.

Storms can do a number on your home

roof damage, roofing, roof repair, storm damageThere is no need to wait for a blustery wind to blow your roof off its base.  Once a roof structure has been compromised, there is no telling how long it would stand a full fletch storm.  Compromises can be caused by water damaged, termites, wind damage, weathered structures, etc.


Today is the day to visit our website and have one of our experienced technicians take a look at your house to see if there is a need for repair, replacement or upgrade. We are here for you!

We have the experience you can trust and this trust allow us to be there when you need us the most. Contact us or visit our website for more information on how to get a free quote.