Help! I Have A Roof Leak!

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Nothing worse than roofs leaks, they can be a severe problem for homeowners and business owners alike. Rainwater leaks are a significant cause of why roof’s structures weaken and become a liability for those dwelling in the buildings they protect. The investment that it takes to have a roof over your head can be damaged in a matter of hours if leaks are left unattended and without addressing the problem. Keep in mind that it is critical to have a professional inspector and a reputable roofing company such as At the Top Restoration to assess the problem, cause, and its solution.

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  • Call a professional roofer! – If there is a sign of a major leak coming from your roof or water is pouring out from it; call a professional roofer. At The Top Restoration is on standby to help you deal with disasters like this.
  • Cover your possessions – When there is a leak, protecting your property can assure you never lose anything. Move your furniture and goods away from the leaking area and cover them with a plastic tarp will help to keep them dry.  Insurance filing may be necessary if your possessions suffer in any way. At The Top Restoration has the staff to deal with insurance claims.
  • Prevent further damage – A bucket or a bowl will keep water from running and damaging your home, preventing further damage is vital. You may also consider a leak-patch that you can find at a hardware store as a temporary solution. However, you must call At The Top Restoration for a permanent solution.

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You are not alone

That is right! You are not alone in the battle to maintain your roof structure in great shape. At The Top Restoration has the experience to help walk through the maintenance and inspection of your roof and your entire house.  Allow us to be your roofing company, ready to repair any significant roof issues such as leaks and structural damage. Visit our website for more information and how to obtain a free estimate. Contact us today!