Gutter Installation Tips

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As a house gets older, pieces of it begin to fall apart and deteriorate. Families often spend spring afternoons doing chores like repainting fences, replacing light bulbs, and fixing other odds and ends throughout the house.

One aspect of the house that is often forgotten is the gutters. The gutters are a crucial part of the house as they help regulate the flow of water that falls off of the roof. However, over time gutters eventually need replacing. Most people have no clue where to start. Thankfully, there a few tricks of the trade that make installing new gutters easier.

Gutter Installation Tips

Roof top of a southern home

Have the Right Tools

Having the right tool makes any job easier. Image trying to screw in a screw with a hammer; you’d be using the wrong tool for the job. Make sure you have a good pair of snippers, ¼’’ hex screws, crimpers and a high-quality sealant. As for the rest, be sure to make a checklist of everything you need and try to not be stingy with the quality of your materials.

¼’’ Rule

For gutters to properly drain water, they need to be installed on an angle. However, it needs to be built the correct angle. If it is too shallow, the water will pool in certain areas, while if it is too steep, it doesn’t look as visually appealing. The rule of thumb is to lower the angle by a ¼’’ every 10 feet. This allows for a consistent flow of water and will ensure it will not pool up.

Be Safe

Safety is always important when working in high places. Be sure to have someone assist you when you are up on the ladder. It is never a bad idea to wear some safety gear like glasses, gloves and protective footwear. This will ensure that not only is the job done correctly, but safely.

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