Got siding damage?

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Sidings are the skin of your house and sometimes this skin is in need of some TLC.  Have you noticed any cracks, lose or even damaged sidings at your home? As time goes by and the elements beat on your sidings, damage can occur which in turn, it can allow for mold and energy deficiency to creep into your house.  Bills can definitely get higher and your home’s exterior will suffer.

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  • Dry Rot It’s often the case that homeowners don’t notice rot in the Siding of their home until it’s too late. Dry Rot can deliver a punch if Sidings go uninspected for a long while, especially after a strong rainy season. Inspection is an easy task if you are up for it. With a small hammer or small screwdriver, you can tap on suspicious Sidings to see if rot is present. If Rot is present then replace immediately in order to avoid further damage.
  • Mold is another possible problem if left unattended. After the rainy season, it’s best to take a look around your home for mold or any kind of fungi lingering on your Sidings. If Mold is present, carefully remove it or call At The Top Restoration to have us completely rid of it. This way not only you can have us secure your Sidings but inspect the interior of the house to assure no mold penetrated in.
  • Unwanted Energy Bills can become a thing of the past if you thoroughly inspect your house for possible damage after a storm or any cause. At The Top Restoration will help you identify those areas where your AC or heat is escaping. Damage Sidings or Roof materials can lead to unwanted utility bills, don’t hesitate, call us now!

Inspect your house, avoid damage

siding installation, siding, repair, siding, roofing, roof upgradeDamaged Sidings can be obvious.  Cracks Sidings may be easy to notice, blistering, and maybe even water damage. At The Top Restoration likes to recommend inspecting your home once a year in order to avoid unnecessary spending, high energy bills or mold trapped in your house.  Inspect, inspect! Nothing else will help you prevent the unfortunate.

If this is the case with your house, call us or visit our website to schedule an inspection or to repair any damaged Sidings before it’s too late. For a free quote, contact us today!