Get Your Flat Roof Ready for Winter

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Fitting your residential home with a flat roof is a great way to add a unique and modern aesthetic to your property. Having a flat roof comes with many perks. They are more affordable than traditional roofing. And, as long as you ensure that it can support the weight, you can use your flat rooftop as a rooftop deck. Some people even fit their roofs with solar panels to create green energy and lower their monthly energy bills. 

As flat roofing becomes more popular, it is important for new flat roof owners to know how to prepare their roofs properly for the winter. The harsh winds and rain — and sometimes snow— in Franklin, TN can create issues for homeowners who don’t watch out for these issues.

Flat RoofPonding

During rainy or snowy seasons, flat roofs are susceptible to ponding. Ponding refers to the pools of water that occur on flat rooftops after heavy precipitation. Not all flat roofs have this issue. Many flat roofs are built on a slight angle in order to drain rainwater off to one side to be caught by a gutter system. If your flat roof is ponding, there may not be adequate water drainage due to blocked gutters or caved-in rooftop areas. Hire a team of roofing contractors to inspect your roof and ensure that your gutter system is working correctly and that there are no specific areas that cave inward.

Thaw-Freeze Damage

Ponding during colder months can create damage that will require roof repair. In colder temperatures, ponding water will become ice and expand around the area it is pooled in. The water may melt on slightly warmer days but may freeze once more, further penetrating the surface of your flat roof as the ice expands. This cycle can last all winter, putting your roof in rough shape after the season ends.

Do you own a home with a flat roof? Protect your roof from ponding and ice damage this winter. At The Top Restoration provides roof waterproofing services to ensure your roof stays unaffected by the cold. Our roofing contractors also offer services like roof insulation and gutter maintenance. Get in touch with a representative today.