Facts About Solar Roofing

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Businesses and homeowners alike are beginning to understand the importance of reducing their ecological footprint in Fairview, TN. Installing solar panels has become a popular way for property owners to aid the environment and reduce their monthly energy bills. In their earlier models, solar panels were considered unattractive and too costly to install. Now there are many stylish and cost-effective solar energy options for interested property owners to consider. Today’s most popular solar roofing consists of inconspicuous tiles that camouflage with the rest of your roof tiling. 

Here are a few facts about solar panels to help you decide if they are right for you.

Solar RoofSolar Panels vs Solar Roofing

Both terms are synonymous with mounted panels that sit atop your roof. But the term “solar roofing” falls more in line with shingle-sized roof tiles made with photovoltaic material instead of glass. Solar tiles provide a much cleaner appearance and do a better job of keeping the inside of your house cool.

The Advantages of Solar Roofing

Solar roofing can provide electricity to your home, effectively reducing your electric bill. Solar roofing tiles also blend perfectly into your roof, in contrast to solar panels, which can negatively impact your roof’s appearance

Solar Tiles Are Versatile

You can purchase solar roofing tiles in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. You may not be able to match your roof tiling perfectly, but you will likely find a close match.

Who Can I Get to Install Solar Roofing?

 Find a team of roofing contractors that have experience in installing solar roofing. A well-versed roofer will be able to connect your panels properly while keeping in mind the ideal direction they should face for optimal sun absorption. 

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