Exterior Services – Siding

Siding Installation, Repair and Replacement

If the siding on your home or commercial building needs to be repaired or replaced, At The Top Restoration can help.

We can assess your needs to help determine siding options or repair requirements on your commercial or residential property. Storms and other inclement weather, as well as exposure to sunlight, can cause cracks, holes, and tears in your siding. Sometimes, small holes or cracks can be repaired, however, sometimes an entire piece of siding will need to be replaced, which creates the issue of matching color and material. Our siding experts can source and repair all kinds of siding, and make sure the repairs and installations are done properly, using the proper tools, fasteners, and seals, to avoid any future damage as much as possible.

Work with Siding Experts

If your siding replacement is part of an insurance claim, we can take the stress off of your shoulders by communicating directly with your insurance company. In addition, At The Top Restoration guarantees our workmanship, and honors the warranties provided by the product manufacturers.

We can also help determine the cause of the problems you are experiencing with your siding so, if possible, the issue can be avoided in the future and your replacement siding will last without issue for as long as possible.

Damaged Sidings

Send us a message or give us a call in Nashville at 615-824-1500 or in Kentucky at 1-844-404-ROOF (7663) to book a time for us to assess your siding needs.