Steps to Take After Experiencing Roof Damage From Wind

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People who live in certain parts of the country are much more likely to need roof repair following a hurricane or heavy wind storm. This post will briefly discuss what to do in the event of a home experiencing heavy wind or storm damage.

How to Spot Wind Damage to a Roof

After a storm or hurricane has passed, the first thing that most people will do is walk their property and assess the damage. Heavy wind from hurricanes can cause any number of problems, including damage to garage and screen doors, loss of power, the need for siding repair or replacement, and of course damage to a roof.

Scattered shingles are, of course, a sign of potential damage to a roof. If a homeowner is picking up a half-dozen or more shingles from their yard following a wind storm, there’s a good possibility of structural damage or a potential water leak on a roof.

More insidious problems such as mildew, mold, or rotted wood can stem from lost shingles, and this is something a homeowner will want to address sooner rather than later. A homeowner does not want moderate wind damage to turn into a major structural problem within a home.

Specific Wind Damage to Watch For

In most cases, the corners of a roof or other known weak points are the areas most likely to incur wind damage. People who have chimneys on their homes will also want to ensure that wind damage did not cause any leaks or damage to chimney caps that will lead to potential mold growth.

In Cases of Severe Wind Damage

roof damage after stormIn some cases, wind damage to a roof will be devastating. In the event of catastrophic damage, the first call in most cases will be to the homeowner’s insurance agent. Most insurance agencies will coordinate for the homeowner, sending an adjuster to the home to do a damage assessment and then putting the homeowner in touch with the necessary repair professionals.

Homeowners who want to be as proactive as possible may also want to contact want to call a professional roof repair service and get a ballpark estimate on the repair costs. A good roof repair service can also advise a homeowner on stopgaps to apply while the homeowner waits for the insurance claim to process.

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