Energy Efficient Home Renovations

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Energy efficiency is very important in the seasons of extreme weather for many homeowners. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can do to lower your energy consumption within your home. While these tips do work, the deciding factor on whether or not they do work is the human factor. It is important that you make setting your thermostat and turning off all of your lights part of your routine for instance. However, sometimes there is a simpler answer to lowering energy efficiency. Renovations and new appliances can add to your current energy efficiency routine and even help lower it through energy ratings.

How Can You Make Your Home More Energy Efficient?

Several Little Changes, Such As Updating Your Windows, Can Improve Your Home Efficiency.

When you hear that renovations, restorations, and upgrades can improve your home’s efficiency you may be uncertain. However, there are many ways you can increase your home’s energy efficiency, including windows that improve energy efficiency and installing a newer model air conditioner. With the advancements in technology, many of your older systems within your home may not be as effective as newer systems at controlling the flow of air and preventing the outside environment from affecting your home. Some of the things you can do to better your home are:

  • Adding a radiant barrier to your roof
  • Replacing your old windows with Low-E windows
  • Making sure your chimney is at its best
  • Refresh your home insulation
  • Update your home appliances
  • Low flow fixtures and showerheads
  • Use LED lights instead

What Are Some Benefits of Energy Efficiency?

Improving your home’s energy efficiency has several key benefits, with some of them being more immediately apparent than others. The big benefit to efficiency is that it can lower your energy usage, making your utility bills more predictable and controllable. However, it also reduces the emissions from your home and the amount of energy needed to be produced in order to keep your home powered. This means that the energy company can use extra energy to help other homes without having to create more, reducing its effect on the environment.

Renovation & Restoration Service

At At The Top Restoration, LLC, we offer many services designed to help keep your home at its best year round. Our team of expert contractors offers installation for low-E windows to help reduce the number of UV rays that enter your property, as well as radiant barriers, improved roofing, and more. We are always available to assist you with your roofing and restoration needs. Give us a call today at 615-824-1500 and speak with our specialists about your needs.