Keeping Critters Out of Your Attic in the Winter

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The winter weather is not only cold for people, but for animals as well. This is why many homeowners will find themselves in a situation where they have animals living in their attics. Attics are prone to animals burrowing due to the warmth that they provide and often easy accessibility. Dealing with pesky critters in the winter time can be a pain, however, it is easily avoidable with a few simple tricks.

Cover Any Points of Entry

Residential roofs can become damaged from things like weather and time. If unmaintained, this damage can lead to holes in the roof. These holes are great points of entry for animals like squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and other rodents. These critters can cause serious damage to the interior and exterior of a home. To prevent this, make sure that your roof is sealed up tight and all holes are covered. This will make it almost impossible for animals to make their way into the attic.

Protecting Your Roof From the WinterAttend to Your Chimney

During the winter, a residential chimney is a popular place for pests to rest. Not only can these animals cause major damage to the chimney, but they are also huge fire hazards. If a homeowner was to light a fire while animals were nesting in the chimney, it could clog the chimney and damage the home. To avoid this, a homeowner can simply install an animal-proof chimney cap. These caps allow for an efficient flow of smoke while simultaneously stopping animals from entering the chimney.

Trim Tree Branches

Trees are popular nesting places for animals. They often provide them with the food and shelter that they need to survive. However, protruding tree branches provide animals with the ability to easily access a roof. This is especially true if there are a number of large trees within close proximity to a home. A homeowner should take the time to trim any protruding branches before the winter season. This will make it more difficult for non-airborne animals to access your roof.

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