Cost of a Carport or Metal Garage

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Carport or Garage: Which Is More Cost-Effective?

While the advantages of a full garage are obvious, in many cases homeowners would like to add a partially-enclosed carport to house an additional vehicle. This post will break down some of the cost considerations of having a carport professionally installed, and lay out a few other options for people looking to store a vehicle.

What Is a Carport?

Otherwise known as a steel garage, a carport is a very cost-effective way to house cars, motorcycles trucks, RVs, and ATVs in Nashville.  Many people opt to add steel garages or carports to their homes, as carports can be very cost-effective solutions for protecting additional vehicles.

How Cost-Effective Is a Carport?

Cleaning the Outside of Your HomeMost people are stunned to learn that a steel garage can be constructed for about the same price as a garage made from traditional building materials. This is because manufacturing has become more efficient as demand has increased.

Steel garages can be almost completely enclosed and quite elaborate, or they can be simple enclosures that shield vehicles from the elements.

Carports and steel garages have become so affordable and popular because factories can now prefabricate the main components. The components only need to be shipped and assembled. This can save homeowners a significant amount of money, as the purchase of a prefabricated garage can save 60% or more on materials and labor versus wooden garage construction.

Average Cost of Carports and Steel Garages

Below are some rough cost figures on carports and steel garages. These figures are based on national averages within the U.S.:

  • About $15 per square foot for a large steel garage, intended to house a very big vehicle such as an RV. This includes materials, insulation, and materials.
  • About $14 per square foot for a tall, medium-sized carport or storage shop, again including labor, materials, and insulation.
  • About $25 per square foot for a medium-to-large workshop big enough to fit most cars or trucks.
  • Roughly $13 per square foot for a massive 1600 square foot garage.

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