Cool Roofs for Your Commercial Business

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When using the term cool roof in Clarksville, TN, we don’t mean getting yourself a cool looking roof, although we provide those as well. We mean investing in our environmentally efficient cool roof installation. Investing for your commercial business is certainly a wise business decision which will have you wishing you made the switch years ago. We use reflective tiling to mitigate sunlight that hits the structure and thus is able to deflect heat that the roof would otherwise absorb.

With the unfortunate damaging to our environment becoming all too common in today’s society, any opportunity to help fight the cause of environmental protection is one that should be taken and cool roofs offer that solution.

What Does a Cool Roof Do?

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cool roof is designed to save you costs on energy by reflecting upwards of 85 percent of sunlight, ultimately creating a cooling effect within the building. This is because the heat that is reflected, is not absorbed back into the building like a conventional roof would have.

The resulting cooling will save money on air conditioning and energy costs that would otherwise have to be used to keep an establishment cool. This is sure to make any customers or employees that enter the building will be hit with a cooling effect that lasts and will keep them happy and comfortable.

Many satisfied business owners have made the switch and are now reaping the benefits from the increased satisfaction from the cooling and the costs on energy saving.

Let At The Top Restoration Handle Your Roofing Needs

If you are a commercial or industrial business owner who is looking to make the environmentally conscious decision and purchase a cool roof, let us handle the rest. Contact At The Top Restoration today!