Common roof issues

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Roofs have a lot to do more with protection than any other function; this is the reason why esthetics take the second place when choosing a roof over your head.   Typically, the roof is out of mind; no one thinks of their roof until something goes wrong with it. Yearly roof maintenance is vital to the structural integrity of your home and of your family. In general, roofs are expensive, and in most cases, it is the most costly part of your house.  A structure that is meant to protect you can potentially wear out 30% faster than its actual lifespan when not maintained and forcing it to have to be replaced years before it should. At The Top Restoration recommends doing a yearly inspection to avoid potential roof issues.

Potential roof issues if left uninspectedRoof inspection, roof damage, Wind damage, Roofing, roof, roof restoration, roof repair

  • Cracked, eroded, or missing sealant surrounding roof penetrations:
  • Cracked glass or faulty skylight installation
  • Damage ridge caps and roofing material such as Shingles
  • Debris blocking water flow

Problems don’t come around when a professional inspector takes a good look at the roof and can spot areas of potential future damage.

Calling a reputable roofer

roof inspection, roof inspector, contractor, roofing company, roof inspection, roofer, roof repair, roof upgrade, shingles inspectionAt The Top Restoration knows that it is essential to find a reputable roofing company and this is why we are taking the time to create a relationship with you, our client.  We understand that in the midst of the stress that a damaged roof can bring to you, we are here available to help you find a solution, this means that your search is over, we are here for you! Allow us to walk with you through all the steps necessary to get your roof back into working order.

Call us today to find out how you can get a free estimate on your next project or roof repair. Our technicians are on standby ready to help and schedule an inspector to come by your house to take a look at your roof. Don’t wait until water begins to leak or shingles start to deteriorate. Visit our website today!