Common Myths About Roofs

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When it comes to taking care of your roof, there are lots of myths that have become so widespread that it can be hard to tell apart the make-believe from the truth. These myths can be especially dangerous when people follow the ones that lead to improper maintenance, such as the following:

New Roofs Don’t Need to Be Maintained For a While

While old roofs are generally more susceptible to damage, it’s a myth that new roofs can’t be harmed. External circumstances like harsh weather conditions, curious animals, and imperfect installations can lead to damage sooner than you’d expect. Even if you just got your roof, it’s important to conduct regular inspections so you can address issues that come up before they grow bigger and cause serious damage to your home.

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The Flashing Doesn’t Need to Be Replaced

Flashings are important because they act as additional layers protecting your house from water damage. Contrary to popular belief they can be damaged and improperly installed and do need to be inspected and replaced as a part of roof repair when it’s time to do so.

DIY Inspections Can Replace Professional Inspections

A lot of people think that DIY (do it yourself) roof inspections are just as effective as those conducted by professional roofing contractors, and will end up saving them money. The truth is that roofing inspectors have undergone extensive training and have accumulated knowledge and expertise through years of experience working in the industry. They know exactly what to look out for and can notice the smallest details that can go undetected by the untrained eye. 

Roof Shingles Are All the Same

This is a common myth that’s widely believed but is very false. Shingles come in different materials, sizes, and types, and are made differently by manufacturers. The quality and material you receive depend largely on where you get your shingles from and what they are made of. 

Don’t Believe the Myths

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