Common Causes of Window Damage

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Windows are critical components of the home. They’re installed for letting natural light in, providing access to fresh air, and maximizing overall ventilation. But over time, windows can undergo damage and eventually need repairs or replacements. What are some of the most common causes of window damage?

Weather Conditions

As the temperature and weather conditions change, they will definitely have an impact on your windows. Over time they will withstand different conditions that affect their makeup and strength. With heavy winds, objects might be thrown around and hit your windows. During a snowstorm, ice can form around your windows, which can cause cracks in the structure. Heavy rain can even cause water damage and leaks into your home, and which may result in mold growing around the window sill or frame.

Common Causes of Window Damage

Improper Installations

If you hired the wrong contractors to do your window installations, repair, or replacement services, you might be dealing with cracks that manifest as a result. There might be gaps between the sill and frame which can cause water damage in your home. You might also notice drafts as you stand by your windows or changes in temperature among different rooms in your home. Check for any of these signs and see if you have trouble opening and closing your windows, which could be caused by a poor or improper fit. 

Old Age

While windows typically last a long time (if they don’t undergo other damage), they do start to wear out over time. If it’s been many years since you’ve had your windows replaced or installed, you should consider getting new ones. There are new technologies like Low-E windows available, which are designed for easier operation and can lower your energy costs. 

Whether you notice any of the visible signs of damage or you realize you haven’t replaced your windows in years and are starting to notice the effects of old age, now might be the time to get them replaced.

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