Pros and Cons of a Flat Roof

A Commercial Roofing Solution

One of the many commercial roofing solutions At The Top Restoration offers is modified bitumen. This is a rubber-like material that that is extremely durable and long-lasting, because it stands up to storm damage, and is able to handle being exposed to extreme amounts of direct sunlight.

Modified Bitumen Installation

Modified bitumen is an asphalt-based membrane roofing material that also contains rubber modifiers and certain chemicals, and can be applied using self-adhesive, cold adhesive or hot-torch installation processes. One of the benefits of modified bitumen commercial roofing is that when properly installed, there won’t be any seams, giving the roof complete, seamless coverage. This will provide leak-free coverage for the lifespan of your roof. When properly installed and maintained, modified bitumen is a long-lasting commercial roofing solution, lasting up to 30 years.

rolls of roofing felt

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