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Maintaining your commercial roof is a big responsibility and requires a lot of time and energy. The At The Top, Restoration team can take your damaged, old, or at risk roof and restore it to its former glory.

Roof replacement can cost business owners and building owners multiple thousands of dollars. This money could be spent on other spent on other important aspects of the business such as new products or employees.

At The Top Restoration specializes in all aspects of commercial roof restoration and we have the experience to transfer these skills to different styles of roofs. If you have a commercial roof that is past its prime, be sure to call At The Top Restoration.

Benefits of Commercial Roofing Restoration

Commercial roof restoration is done through the application of a roof coating. These coatings are often made out of acrylic, polyurea, elastomeric, and silicone. Each of these materials plays a different role in the restoration of a roof. Commercial roof restoration is a cheaper, more efficient option in comparison to roof replacement.

Commercial roof restoration has a number of benefits, however, these are some of the general advantages:

Seamless Weatherproofing

Commercial roof restoration creates a seamless barrier for protection against the elements. Weather conditions can be one of the major factors for damaged roofs. However, when the commercial roof receives the roof coating, it creates durable coverage, even in weaker areas such as pipes or near equipment.

Cost Effective

In comparison to commercial roof replacement, commercial roof restoration is much more cost effective. It costs the business owner less for a number of reasons. Generally, roof replacements are much more expensive than roof restoration. Roof replacement can be a lengthy process and also causes most businesses to close, creating a time where no income is being generated. Roof restoration is a quicker process and doesn’t require the business to close. This allows business to go on as usual.

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Commercial roof restorations can last up to 10 years if done professionally. They are easy to reapply and cause very little waste. This makes them not only good for the budget, but beneficial to the environment as well.

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