Why Are Clogged Gutters a Problem?

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Maybe you’re always being told to get your gutters cleaned by your neighbors, or you’re constantly coming across articles on ways to prepare them for the summer or winter season. Having clogged gutters can certainly be a problem, but do you know why? 

Problems With Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are often underestimated for the amount of damage they’re capable of doing. They can cause several problems, a few of which include: 

Damage To Your Roof

When the gutters are clogged and prevent water from passing through, this water can end up on the roof, which will be under constant contact. The constant contact will cause excessive moisture and weakening of the surface which will have a big impact on your home, weakening the exterior structure and roof waterproofing abilities.

Roof Leaks

Branching off of the previous point, when your roof structure weakens and becomes heavily impacted by moisture, it becomes a lot more susceptible to leaking through the roof coating. Roof leaks can cause excessive amounts of water to flow into the home, bringing along more problems like damage to the interior, the growth of mold, and the potential for flooding.

Hazardous Outside Conditions

Clogged gutters often cause an overflow of water to leak out and spill onto the ground. During the winter this water can freeze and turn into ice, and during the summer it can lead to excessive water on your property. These conditions can make it hazardous to walk around your house during any season and can only be fixed with gutter roof repairs.

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Attract Animals and Pests

Because animals like squirrels and mice as well as bugs and insects are attracted to clogged gutters, it’s possible that the accumulated debris won’t only attract pests to your gutters, but might be able to find their way into your home as well. Having wild animals in the home brings its own set of hazards as they can chew on the electrical wires and potentially start a fire. 

Dealing With the Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters is a chore that definitely isn’t fun, but needs to be done. Contact the experts at At The Top Restoration for your gutter maintenance in Nashville, TN, and they will conduct special cleaning services and inspect your home for potential damage that may have been done.