How to Clean the Outside of Your Home

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The best way to approach cleaning the outside of your home is to map out the property on a sheet of paper. If you clean your exterior effectively, you might notice an opportunity to install a carport in your Franklin, TN home.

First, it makes it easier to remember every job because you get a chance to see the entire landscape and think everything through beforehand.

Second, it might give you some creative ways to complete the work – ideas that would not have come to you if you just dive right in and start scrubbing, sweeping or weeding.

Third, you can map out and schedule when tasks need to be done throughout the year. For example, preparation for winter is usually a time when a lot of work is needed, and remember that planning ahead of time gives you the chance to hire a home services company to help with important jobs like gutter cleaning or window cleaning – jobs you cannot do on your own.

Here’s a quick run through of how to go about mapping, planning, and then executing your cleaning plans for outside the home.

Outside of Your Home Step 1: Draw the entire property

Begin by drawing your property on a sheet of paper, from a birds-eye-view perspective. You can draw the property lines, make a little square for your home, outline the pathway to the road, draw circles for the bushes and trees, and put some dots for grass if you want.

Step 2: Highlight what needs to be done, where, and when

This should be as complete a list as you can come up with, both in terms of detail and timeline. For example, in detailing the yard work, you want to specify how often you want to clean your cement exterior pathway and/or deck, who you want to contact for that work, and when you should contact them. The same goes for roof work, garden maintenance, and every other cleaning job pertaining to the outside your home. By the end of this stage, you should have a colorful map full of little notes and dates.

Step 3: Take action on new plans

One of the best ways to optimize your front yard is to install a carport in the driveway. Carports are affordable, easy to install units that keep your car safe from the elements and give your exterior an added visual appeal.

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