How To Choose Your Shingles

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When choosing your shingles, there are the obvious things to keep in mind, like how it looks along with the rest of your roof and the materials you’ll use, but remember, you’re making a long-term commitment to stick with whatever shingles you work with. We’re talking 20 years at the minimum unless you want to get some roof service in Nashville ahead of time. As a result, there are some other areas that you want to consider as well.

Shingle Considerations

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For example, one thing that you may not expect is that based on what color shingle you use, you may end up having a potential impact on your home’s temperature. This is because this and the type of materials will both determine whether your roof either reflects heat or absorbs it. Roofs that absorb heat tend to draw it into the home itself, and this may not be desirable for those who live in hot areas. To get around this problem, make sure that you look into getting shingles with reflective colors like light gray or white.

Naturally, price matters a lot as well. As a result, you need to think about not just what you’re paying upfront, but what you may be paying over the lifespan of a roof. For example, something like asphalt may be cheaper than metal, but it’s not going to last as long. If you plan on staying in a home for a long time, it may be worth it to try and pay for a more durable, but expensive material at first. You can find something to match any aesthetic.

The Next Phase

Whatever shingles you choose, you want to make sure that you have someone who will install them properly. This means partnering with experts like At The Top Restoration. In terms of roof repair and restoration in the Nashville area, we offer top quality materials and craftsmanship to help provide the best service possible. Feel free to reach out to us today if you have any questions.