Can Your Building Have a Cool Roof?

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Of all the types of roof repair and installation work out there, perhaps the least talked about (and one the most interesting) option is the cool roof. Can your building sustain a cool roof?

As you might have guessed, a cool roof has nothing to do with social status. It has everything to do with energy efficiency though. Cool roofs are so called because they are designed to deflect the heavy rays of the sun to keep the inside of the building cool. While we don’t live in the deserts of Texas, anyone who has spent a summer in Nashville knows how hot it can get.

The benefits of a cool roof is that you get to save on AC costs because your roof is not a sieve for the sun. Cool roofs are essentially a metal coating on top of an existing roof that acts as a shield to deflect the sun away from penetration into the interior of the building. But is your building able to sustain a cool roof? It depends on what type of roof you have.

Cool RoofCool Roofs Designed for Slanted Roof Tops

Because of the nature of the install, cool roofs work best on slanted roofs. Some commercial properties have flat roofs, so this limits the viability of cool roofs for some property owners. In general, though, cool roofs make a lot of sense for buildings with slanted roofs such as:

  • Industrial buildings. Any industrial commercial property with a slanted roof – like a hip or gambrel design, for example, are optimal shapes for a cool roof addition.
  • Residential homes. Homes are the most common type of slanted roof out there, and homes make excellent candidates for a cool roof install. Practically all types of residential roof, except for bungalows or apartment complexes, can be retrofitted with the metallic sheets. The costs savings are, of course, as appealing to a residential homeowner as they are to a commercial property owner.

Innovations in roofing technology have made it possible for homeowners and building operators to save money in ways never thought possible. One of these cost-saving innovations is the cool roof layer – and if you have a slanted residential roof then it’s right for you – but there are many others to consider. Contact the professionals at Top Restoration today to discuss your options and schedule an estimate.