Blustery winds and your roof

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Dark clouds, wind, and rain

The sky darkens, clouds gather up, and the temperature drops. When you think about a storm rolling in, what comes to mind? Lots of rain, thunder, strong winds? Hurricane winds are easily one of the most damaging components. At The Top Restoration, we understand this kind of weather problems. We have seen what wind can do; the damaging results of large storms sweeping through town.

Roof damage, roof repair, roof replacement, shingles, storm damageAs the wind blows rooflines are subject to its strong pressure and unpredictability.  Most types of roofs are capable of absorbing the initial impact of the storm and its usual highest pressure. It isn’t hard to see that the first parts to become damaged or completely destroyed are the areas that have not been serviced or cared for. Wind damage is due to several factors but the main one is the neglect.

Not paying attention to the roof and its signs of wear and tear can lead to a roof to collapse during a storm or be stripped of its outer layers.

Steps to avoid catastrophe

A sure way of battle wind damage is to have your roof inspected by a professional technician. Certified roof technicians will be able to detect potential damage areas and can schedule a routine maintenance to prepare your roof for the unpredictable weather. Of course, you don’t have wait for an expert; you too can take a quick look at your roof and see if there is an obvious damage.

Wind damage, Roofing, roof, roof restoration, roof repair

At The Top Restoration recommends calling an expert roofer on wind damage.  Don’t take any chances and don’t ignore the signs of wear and tear. Call us today! We will make sure that your roof is ready to protect your loved ones and the integrity of your house or commercial building.

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