How to Avoid Major Roof Repairs

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Inadequate roof maintenance is the leading contributor to roof dilapidation. It’s not enough to hope your roof is in good enough condition to protect you and your home from the elements. Experienced roofing contractors agree: if your ceiling is leaking, you’ve waited too long to go check and see if your roof needs maintenance. 

roof repairYour roof needs to be inspected regularly — at least twice a year— in order to find and fix small damages so that they don’t turn into major leaks or other serious issues. You’d pay money to get your air ducts cleaned or your appliances repaired, so why not hire a roof repair service to ensure that your roof stays strong and protected? Here are a few tips on how to prevent serious roof problems from occurring.



  • Hire a roofing contractor to inspect your roof bi-annually for any signs of decay or damage. Colder months are often the most damaging to rooftops, so it’s best to schedule your appointments before and after winter.
  • Check for any signs of internal damage. Run a thorough inspection of your attic space and all the rooms on your highest floor for signs of leaks, water spots, or mildew.
  • Check your beams for water damage. If you see any water spots, circle them with a marker or pen and come back in a few days to determine whether or not they are growing. If these spots grow, you probably have a roof leak.
  • Install a rubber roof coating to ensure that no water seeps through your roof and into your house’s interior.
  • Hire a roof repair team to use roof sealant to patch up any minor holes or cracks on your roof.

If you aren’t confident in your ability to run a rigorous inspection of your home for signs of roof damage, you can consult our team at At The Top Restoration. If you’re a resident of Brentwood, TN, our knowledgeable team of roofers have the required skills and tools to maintain your roof so that you don’t have to worry.